◆ P99_AVAL

#define P99_AVAL (   T)    P00_RVAL2_(T)

Define an lvalue of array type T with unknown base type.

This should be used for typedef array types for which you don't have control over the base type. It should only be rarely needed.

Even though the result is an lvalue it can't be assigned, since it is an array type. But sizeof such an object will return the size of the array and the address of the array object can be taken.
In all contexts other than the two given above (sizeof and addressof operator) this will decay to a pointer to the unknown base class.
See also
P99_LVAL for a macro that returns an lvalue.
P99_RVAL for a macro that returns an rvalue of a certain type and value.

Definition at line 1156 of file p99_int.h.