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#define strtol (   ...)    P99_CALL_DEFARG(strtol, 3, __VA_ARGS__)

Default arguments for C99 function strtol

This macro hides the function

long strtol ( char const *p00_nptr, char **p00_eptr, int p00_base )
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P99_CALL_DEFARG This macro is preferable to the atol function. The default arguments make it functionally equivalent but add two features:
  • overflow and underflow handling
  • Flexible array members p00_base, namely octal, decimal or hexadecimal conversion
p00_nptris required
p00_eptrdefaults to 0, meaning that the successfully parsed string is not kept track
p00_baseis 0, numbers are hex if they start with 0x, octal if they start with 0 and decimal otherwise

Definition at line 177 of file p99_c99_default.h.

#define strtol(...)
Default arguments for C99 function strtol
Definition: p99_c99_default.h:177