#define P99_FORALL (   NAME,
)    P00_FORALL(P99_NARG(__VA_ARGS__), NAME, __VA_ARGS__)

A multi-index for loop.

Given the names of N identifiers after NAME, NAME must correspond to an array of lengths with dimension at least N.

size_t NAME[N];

For N = 3 this could e.g be

size_t const D[] = { 3, 4, 7 };

Then, the macro in the following

P99_FORALL(D, i0, i1, i2) {
A[i0][i1][i2] *= B[i0][i1][i2]

would expand to something similar to

for (size_t i0 = 0; i0 < D[0]; ++i0)
for (size_t i1 = 0; i1 < D[1]; ++i1)
for (size_t i2 = 0; i2 < D[2]; ++i2) {
A[i0][i1][i2] *= B[i0][i1][i2]

only that

  • the bounds of the loops (involving D[0], D[1] and D[2]) are fixed once when entering this construct
  • the loop variables i0, i1 and i2 are not modifiable within the block
See also
P99_PARALLEL_FORALL for a variant that uses OpenMp to parallelize the loop.
P99_DO for a simple fortran like iteration
P99_CDIM for a macro that computes the absolute position of an index N-tuple in a multi-dimensional array.
argument 0 may be evaluated multiple times

Definition at line 956 of file p99_for.h.

#define P99_FORALL(NAME,...)
A multi-index for loop.
Definition: p99_for.h:956