◆ p99_callback()

void p99_callback ( p99_callback_stack p00_stck)

Call all functions that have been registered with p00_stck in reverse order of their registration and remove them from the stack.

Functions of type p99_callback_voidptr_func will be called with the parameter that has been registered along with it. Functions of type p99_callback_void_func will be called without parameters.

All functions that have been registered with p00_stck are taken from the stack atomically and are executed in one batch by the same thread that runs p99_callback. Another function that would be registered with p00_stck by one of the callbacks would not be executed in the same batch.

See also
P99_CALLBACK_PUSH to register a callback function

Definition at line 171 of file p99_callback.h.

References p99_callback_el_call(), p99_callback_el::p99_lifo, and P99_LIFO_CLEAR.

Referenced by P99_SETJMP_INLINE().

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