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p99_uf.h File Reference
#include "p99_compiler.h"
#include "p99_type.h"
#include "p99_c99.h"
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Data Structures

struct  p99_uf


typedef struct p99_uf p99_uf
 A simple Union-Find data structure. More...


p99_ufp99_uf_alloc (uint64_t size)
 Allocate an new UF data structure. More...
void p99_uf_destroy (p99_uf const volatile *uf)
int64_t p99_uf_find (p99_uf const *uf, uint64_t pos)
int64_t p99_uf_findCompress (p99_uf *uf, uint64_t pos)
void p99_uf_flatten (p99_uf *uf, uint64_t pos, uint64_t length)
void p99_uf_free (p99_uf const volatile *uf)
 Free a UF data structure. More...
p99_ufp99_uf_init (p99_uf *uf, uint64_t size)
 Initialize the UF data structure to all singletons, that is everybody is root and the size of the set is 1. More...
uint64_t p99_uf_size (p99_uf *uf, uint64_t pos)
int64_t p99_uf_union (p99_uf *uf, uint64_t left, uint64_t right)