C Programming facilities
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 Default arguments and types for functions
 As a C++ like feature, this series of macros can be used to provide default arguments to functions and also to improve type safety for variadic functions.
 Allocation facilities throught the preprocessor
 Initialization facilities through the preprocessor
 Macros to ease programming of variadic functions
 Variable Length Arrays
 Type facilities
 Macros that help in the handling of different kinds of types, forward declaring struct or union, and in handling enum.
 Conversion of strings to integer types
 Extensions of the strto and wcsto families of functions.
 Macros to handle integer type expressions

Detailed Description

Macros and functions in these groups are designed to ease everyday life. They concern initialization and heap allocation of variables, default arguments for functions (yes, this is C), "variadic" function that magically receive the length of their argument list...

Most of this is implemented with macros. But we might also define some helper functions. If so they are small and defined as static inline, negligible, say.