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#define ctime_s(S, M, T)   asctime_s((S), (M), localtime_s((T), &(struct tm){ 0 }))
#define gmtime_s(...)   p00_gmtime_s(P99_STRINGIFY(__LINE__), __func__, __VA_ARGS__)
#define localtime_s(...)   p00_localtime_s(P99_STRINGIFY(__LINE__), __func__, __VA_ARGS__)
#define P99_CONSTRAINT_HANDLER   exit_handler_s
#define P99_STRERROR(...)
#define TIME_MONOTONIC   p00_time_monotonic
 expands to an integer constant greater than 0 that designates a real time clock who's base is usually the boot time of the processor More...
#define TIME_UTC   p00_time_utc
 expands to an integer constant greater than 0 that designates the UTC time base since an implementation defined epoch More...


typedef struct atomic_constraint_handler_t constraint_handler_t
typedef int errno_t




voidaligned_alloc (size_t p00_alignment, size_t p00_size)
 allocation with a chosen alignment More...
int at_thrd_exit (void(*p00_void_func)(void))
 Add p00_void_func to the functions that are called on exit of the current thread. More...
 if (p00_err)
P00_CLAUSE2 p (P00_WEAK1(p00_cb))(P00_WEAK2(p00_cb)) pp99_callback_stack p00_at_quick_exit
void p99_abort_handler (const char *restrict p00_msg, void *restrict p00_ptr, errno_t p00_err)
void p99_exit_handler (const char *restrict p00_msg, void *restrict p00_ptr, errno_t p00_err)
void p99_ignore_handler (const char *restrict p00_msg, void *restrict p00_ptr, errno_t p00_err)
void p99_report_handler (const char *restrict p00_msg, void *restrict p00_ptr, errno_t p00_err)
 P99_SETJMP_INLINE (p00_run_at_thrd_exit) void p00_run_at_thrd_exit(void *li)
errno_t strerror_s (char *p00_s, rsize_t p00_maxsize, errno_t p00_errnum)
 maps the number in errnum to a locale-specific message string. More...
size_t strerrorlen_s (errno_t p00_errnum)
 calculates the length of the (untruncated) locale-specific message string that the strerror_s function maps to errnum. More...
size_t strnlen_s (const char *p00_s, size_t p00_maxsize)
 computes the length of the string pointed to by s. More...
 switch (p00_ret)
int timespec_get (struct timespec *p00_ts, int p00_base)
 The timespec_get function sets the interval pointed to by p00_ts to hold the current calendar time based on the specified time base. More...
P00_CLAUSE2 v (_Pragma("weak exit_handler_s"))(_Pragma("weak exit_handler_s
P00_CLAUSE2 v (_Pragma("weak report_handler_s"))(_Pragma("weak report_handler_s


P00_CLAUSE2 time might be before date
P00_CLAUSE2 call to dynamic constraint EINVAL
P00_CLAUSE2 time might be before epoch
 errno = 0
P00_CLAUSE2 call to strerror_s
P00_CLAUSE2 call to dynamic constraint violation

Detailed Description

#define P99_NARG(...)
Return the length of the variable length argument list, where an empty argument list is considered to...
Definition: p99_args.h:117
#define P99_IF_LT(A, B)
Test two decimal numbers A and B for whether A is strictly less than B.
Definition: p99_if.h:120
#define P99_STRERROR_MAX