P99 - Preprocessor macros and functions for C99

P99 - Preprocessor macros and functions for C99

P99 is a suite of macro and function definitions that ease the programming in modern C. By using new tools from C99 or later we implement default arguments for functions, scope bound resource management, transparent allocation and initialization, ...

By using special features of some compilers and operating systems, we also are able to provide an emulation of a large part of the C11 standard for compilers that still might not have them.

P99 heavily depends on a decent support for C99 of compilers. We have set up a test program that may be used as a first indication if a compiler is compatible with that.

If you are new to P99 you might want to have a look at the online documentation.

The sources are located at INRIA's gitlab https://gitlab.inria.fr/gustedt/p99/